Othala's pack

Othala's pack surrounding Raigho and his pack


Othala's pack was a group of wolves that lived in the east foothills of the Midgardsorm mountains, originally under the rule of Othala's mate. Othala and the Alpha had two children, Regin and Dain. When he (former Alpha male) dies, Othala takes over the pack as Alpha for him.

Sometimes, when she is away, when strangers visit or when there is any sign of danger, Othala would leave her two children in the care of couple of young wolves, Anu and Dehseree.

Othala's family is one of the larger packs spotted by the town of Daleko, and this causes worry from the villagers, especially for livestock owners. The reason the wolves and their numbers are big, is from the sheep that they steal from the humans. This gave her pack bad reputation, and drove Raigho and his family away.

It had a lot of wolves, most of them left ambiguous. Wolves in Othala's pack are all united and work well as a group.


However, the wolves habit of stealing from humans ultimately gets them killed by a group of angry bar-owners and herdsmen, led by the angry Barkeep.

Kaya, who spent most of her time wandering or sulking on the border of Othala's territory, had missed the massacre and got away with her life. However, under the impression that she was going to be kicked out for being late, had returned for the hunt to find her family dead, and Seven with Albert standing among them.