It has been two years since the disappearance of the wolf and human white spirits, and a wolf named Raigho is chosen by Hati, the black wolf spirit, to carry out the task of returning his brother, Sköll, to restore balance to the world. Under Hati's guidance, Raigho and his pack now begin their journey that is set before them.

Iki, Raigho's adopted son, is unknowingly the incarnation of Sköll, the wolf white spirit. Raigho suspects it, but avoids conveying that information to Iki. As the journey continues, Iki questions the reasons for the journey, and Raigho tries to answer without revealing more information than he needs to.

Since of the unbalance brought by the disappearance of the human white spirit, Askr, not a single human child has been born. In an attempt to resolve this, a nomadic grown hunter named Seven and her accountant, Albert, are commissioned to find the white wolf spirit in hopes of using it to replace the lost human white spirit.