Skoll 01

Skoll breaking out from his mortal form, Iki.

Sköll is the white wolf spirit and the sun guardian, also Hati's brother.

While Hati wants to buy more time to the world, Sköll prefers it to die and have at least one more happy life before it does. Sköll was reborn in Iki, however, Iki doesn't seem to know this. Everytime Sköll wakes up, Iki forgets everything he did while he was Sköll.

Sköll's personality is mostly the opposite from Iki. He's more serious and defiant, while Iki is more easy-going and sumise.


Sköll is the white spirit after the emerging from the primeval ocean along with his spirit brother Hati. He fought with Askr with the dragon spirits, but when they failed, they devoured Askr and Sköll was reborn in Iki. After this event, Sköll decided that the world should die in darkness, that's why he won't chase the sun anymore.


Sköll has maintained a close friendship with the white human spirit Askr, unlike his brother Hati, who believes the world balance is broken because of the humans. Sköll is pretty much calmer than his brother, though he doesn't care about what happens to the world.